About The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

It’s pretty simple. Scroll till you see something that looks delicious and click on it. There will be a review about why the food there is worth eating, along with all the info needed to get it yourself.

On the menu you can sort by category if you’re feeling something specific. There is also a color coded Food Map of Chiang Mai that has all of my reviewed spots, in case you want something in a certain area.

The Good Stuff is a tool to help you eat the worthwhile food in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These are the places that I keep coming back to and recommend whenever asked. Places that I think are doing something special or are just special in of themselves. 

About Me

My name is Gage Neiffer and admittedly, I’ve never been good at talking about myself. Usually I’ll just make a joke about how vaguely hipster I am, say I’m from the PNW, and that I talk too much about food; all true.

I grew up in Washington State and lived there until I graduated college. I sloshed around a few years back as a line cook, but in no way did I consider myself anything close to a chef.

In the later years of my higher education I started to travel, and then just kept on doing it. Spent the better half of the last decade traveling with the specific aim of learning about and consuming The Good Stuff; 10+ countries, 9+ months living in villages, and more uncomfortable trips on public transit than I want to recount – yadda yadda, that whole spiel.

I’ve used volunteering as an English teacher to be able to get a more in depth experience as I didn’t feel my earlier travels were as meaningful as they could be. This way I could get to know the people, their language, and the culture that made the food just so good in the first place. I wouldn’t be who I am today without these times, and the amazing people that I met along the way. These days I’m living full time in Chiang Mai, studying Thai, and doing… well this. 

I’ve always loved food. Full stop. I didn’t grow up eating great meals, most came out of a drive through window actually. But I’ve always had a passion for cooking and the people that do it at a high level. These are the people I want to meet and their food, along with what it means, are the reasons I go to such great lengths.

I think The Good Stuff in life really is the food, or at least things that go hand and hand with food: community, tradition, passion, love, etc. It’s about so much more than just eating. It’s about why you’re eating it and who you get to do so with. Food has been my bypass when trying to navigate the language barriers that come with differing cultures. I firmly believe it’s the best way to engage in a meaningful way with another person, regardless of circumstance.


I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported this. Whether it be through helping with issues, suggesting spots to check out, or just appreciating all the hard work I’ve put in. All of these things really do mean a lot to me. I’ve always loved sharing with others the things I’m passionate about, almost to a fault. But the response to what I have been doing has been just so positive and overwhelming in the best possible way. It’s given me the confidence and momentum to hopefully make something out of this, and that’s very much my intention. Big things to come.


Gage Neiffer