Monsoon Tea

Let’s talk about tea. It’s that amber liquid, (ice cold and sickeningly sweet), that offers relief from a Savannah Summer. The ectoplasmic green goop frothed by a whisk, handcrafted with an almost unfathomable amount of precision. It’s the fuel for conversation in countless Middle Eastern speak easys. To call it a “beverage” would be selling… Read More


Ristr8to was probably the last nail in the coffin for the completely wrong view I had of Thailand my first trip here. Before touching down in Bangkok I didn’t know anything about this country; probably couldn’t even point to it on a map. I just filed it under: in Asia, casual and inappropriate comments about… Read More

The Verde

The Verde is an interesting mixture of two different worlds. Just like Nimman One, it does a nice job portraying the look and feel of Europe, however inescapably in Thailand they both are. The inside of this place is filled with all the fixtures of a 19th century London flat. There is a piano by… Read More

Jario Coffee

Jario coffee didn’t have any kind of “it” factor, as far as Chiang Mai coffee shops go. There was no dead potted plants who’s soil was coffee beans. There wasn’t any indie music being played reminiscent of my college days. The barista didn’t have a thin mustache and his apron was devoid of pointless leather… Read More

Nes Cafe CNX

Chiang Mai has some great coffee. For me, as far as availability of a quality product and over all coffee culture Chiang Mai is right up there with Spain and the Pacific Northwest (outside of Seattle and Portland). And while there is amazing stuff available it often comes at a somewhat steep price point. Nes… Read More