Call it cheese on toast or a a grilled cheese, but don’t you dare call it anything other than one of the best culinary strides we’ve ever made. Two perfect foods that somehow, when combined, create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. What they’re doing at Walk the Walk ain’t some 7/11 toastie.

While it goes great with some Campbell’s tomato soup, when feeling under the weather, or the crock topper for some French onion, it’s purest form is its best. Melted cheese between bread. It can be made more interesting with an assortment of fillings or dips, but it can’t be made better. It’s already reached full potential, and any alterations only subtract from it’s elegance.

At Walk the Walk they are doing as much justice to this childhood favorite as one can. The foundation is a thick cut slab of crusty sourdough. Butter is then liberally applies before its date with the nearby flattop; the best tool one can use for this job. To ensure there is full and even contact to promote a deep and even browning a heavy weight is applied. In this case it’s a clothes iron like contraption that probably daylights as a medieval torture device.

Uncustomary as it may be, the cheese is not “cooked” along with the bread. Instead, they melt a combination of cheddar and Gouda in a separate pan whose sole purpose on this planet is as such. When an acceptable level of toastage is achieved these to lovebirds, neigh soulmates, come together as one. (Ok guys, I get it. It’s just a grilled cheese. But it’s a reeeeeeeally good grilled cheese.)

The melted cheese is then cascaded over the open face of the sourdough. It is a virtual ivory deluge. Ropes of milk fat that avalanche into pools of comfort. Soft and stringy, it some how holds all the answer to why life is worth living.

If fillings are something you can’t go without, fret not. There are a number of different sandwiches on offer here that can satisfy that craving. The usual suspects are on offer: caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and the like. As well as a few that may seem less obvious but equally delicious; sun dried tomatoes, olives, et al. There is even a build your own option for those of you who want to feel like you’re at a upscale Subway.

To help cut through the richness of all that dairy a salad comes with each offering; a simple mishmash of cut lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The same level of care is put into choosing fresh veggies and properly preparing them as was put into the main. A small drizzle of a thick balsamic topping the greens mirrors the grilled cheese’s equally simple pairing.

At Walk the Walk they don’t offer much in the way of drinks. However, they do make a delightfully simple (a common theme with the food here) and delicious lime and soda sweetened with honey. The sharp sensation from the fizz and tang are mellowed out by the low sweetness from what the Thai refer to as bee water.

All in all this place is what it is, a grilled cheese spot. But it’s a good one, and worth going to if gooey goodness is what your day needs. The ricotta jam open faced sandwich is also something that should not be left out of your life.

Walk the Walk Sandwiches

Price: 80 baht for the standard model and up to 140 for the deluxe. The drink will run you 50 and the salad comes with any sandwich that isn’t build your own.

Open: 09:00-14:00

Closed Monday

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