The diner is an American Icon. In my opinion, it’s right up there with Coca-Cola, cowboys, and the King. An irony free location, where the coffee is nothing special, but the people pouring it are. Frozen in time, it is what it was, and will remain that way. The menu is almost always the same regardless of city; Tabasco on every table.

At Butter is Better, you get the whole shebang. The waitresses have a smile and are a little too upbeat for the hour, orange juice is fresh squeezed, the jam homemade. All available surfaces are either checkered linoleum or plaid cloth. It is impossible to turn you head and not see a smattering of Americana.

I know we’re in Thailand and all, but it honestly doesn’t feel like it when eating here. The Lingua Franca of the place is English. An old man can be found reading the news with a black coffee. There is a ding from a bell when an order is up.

The little things were done exceedingly well here. As said before, the orange juice was freshly squeezed, still with some pulp in it. The strawberry jam is homemade. Sugar, napkins, and a call button on every table. Your waffle comes with a large squeeze bottle of syrup.

Eggs Benedict, a perfect four parter. All ingredients equal in importance. Without one the whole this is a wash, each playing a vital role. The muffin acting as a base, a sponge, the vessel for transporting flavor. Grilled ham helps with a sharp saltiness and its own note of umami. A poached egg floating softly like a cloud on the horizon, waiting to unleash its sunrise of a yolk. While all parts are equal, the hollandaise is the most equal (cue 50’s era Soviet propaganda music). A silky emulsion of butter fat and egg, who’s creation can only come from the gentle chronic agitation over even gentler heat; pinched paprika to garnish.

Hash browns, bacon, and eggs are all fine and dandy, but for me Breakfast’s greatest hit is the waffle. It has the audacity to warrant the tedious uni-tasking instrument that it’s cooked it. Semi-separated, it allows for an easy means to divide and conquer. 3-D and dimpled this pressed confection has the perfect geometry for stockpiling pools of syrup. This is good, as I like my waffle swimming in the stuff.

Butter is Better Diner & Bakery

Open: 08:00-20:00 Monday-Saturday

08:00-15:00 Sunday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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