There is something to be said about only doing one thing. Most animals tend to specialize in getting one food source. Over time they get better at finagling everything possible from said flower, nut, ect. Two things, Co-evolving to be perfectly suited for the requirements of the other. Now I don’t think the man who runs this duck truck has evolved in his years selling this – at least not the sharpness of his fingers for better meat extraction. However, I do know that he has become a specialist. And what he does with duck is special.

There is something about duck that just makes it more appealing than any other roasted animal – except maybe a cartoonesque roast pig; apple in mouth. It could be that the skin has a reddish brown color that could only be described as “like roasted duck”. Maybe that the head and neck are still attached and a primal part of the brain gets stimulated. Personally, I think it’s the pageantry of it all. The fact that it’s always hung up, front and center – well lit and ornamental; a meat chandelier.

Roasted duck is the only thing on the menu at this humble food truck. There are no tables, and the only ambiance is provided by the looming Subaru dealership. As such, this is the place you buy your dinner, not eat it.

Each order come with three accompanying sauces and a bag of pickled veggies. There is a good Suki style chili sauce and a nicely seasoned soy sauce concoction, but my favorite is the gravy. I don’t even know if it’s made with meat (there certainly must be a lot of duck drippings laying around), but it very much has the soul of gravy. Deep colored and a viscosity suited for coating meat, the “gravy” has a Chinese five spice forward flavor that goes well with this style of roasted duck; being Chinese and all.

You can only buy in two different quantities here, full and half. The whole shebang will run you a reasonable 500 baht and will easily feed a family. The half is 250 baht and is more than enough for a couple hungry people.

As I said before the food truck is located next to the Subaru dealership southeast of town, the north side of the road on 1317.

This is a little out of town but the trip is worth it. The owner is also a really nice guy and speaks good English. Feel free to have a chat with him, I’m sure he’d welcome it.

Roasted Duck Truck

Open: 14:30-20:00 (or until he sells out) Everyday

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