Great atmosphere, proximity to home, and comfort are all nice when eating out, but I want to go to a place who’s main focus is the food. I’ll forgo AC, good lighting, comfy chairs, all while sitting a few feet from a busy street for the good stuff; and I’ll go far for it too.

Adirak Pizza focuses first and foremost on the food. Full stop. Anything that’s worth making by hand, they do. This includes but is not limited to: the pesto and all other sauces, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, and sinfully good ricotta.

This is a bare bones kind of place: hand written chalk board above the register as the only means of ordering, rectangular in shape roughly the size of a shipping container, two tables out front with only a few spare hedges for scenery. This is what you want. This means they are fussing over what you eat and not where you eat it – and fuss they do.

Adirak Pizza is cozy and a really great spot to have a first date, eat with a group of friends, or just have some alone time with a pizza. The music is last generation’s European favorites. You’ll more than likely hear Thai, English, and at least one other language while enjoying your meal. The beer selection is vast at 20+ and wine is slightly on the cheaper side, for Chiang Mai.

The pizzas arrive fast, as they are cooked in a small voraciously hot brick oven, I’d say at least 750 degrees by the level of blackening on the bottom crust. They also arrive one after another. This is a very good sign, it means your next pizza always has full attention as oven space is limited; pizza being the only thing on the menu and all.

The pizza is a sort of Neapolitan style – crust light and a bit fluffy while still having great char on the bottom and solid leoparding (this is a high level food nerd word) around the edge. The pesto ricotta with sun dried tomatoes is easily the best pizza I’ve had in Chaing Mai thus far.

So many small things were done to make the meal better. The basil was an Italian varietal. My Coke came in a glass bottle cold enough to drink without ice. The balsamic on the Pesto Ricotta pie, was a sticky reduction and not just straight out of a bottle. Do you know how long it takes to reduce a balsamic properly? And that ricotta. Don’t come here unless you get something with that ricotta.

The Ricotta Pesto with sundried tomatoes is mandatory if you want the good stuff. It’s entirely comprised of house made ingredients. The sun dried tomatoes on it were the best thing I ate – except maybe that ricotta.

The Cream n’ Cheese is also a must get, you’re classic white pie or pizza bianca if you will; nearly as good as the Ricotta Pesto. If you’re not a fan of blue cheese definitely order without it. If you are a fan, it’s really well balanced with the other cheeses.

The Margarita is very good and can be ordered with the house made ricotta I’ve been going on about. It’s also a great flavor for money at 140 baht if you want a light dinner. Take away available.


140-250 baht 9” pie

12” 170-315 baht 12” pie

House wine

150ml Glass – 130 baht

500ml Carafe – 390 baht

1L Carafe – 700 baht


Leo – 60 baht

Craft brew (cheap) – around 150 baht

Craft brew (expensive) – around 250 baht

Adirak Pizza

Open: 17:00-22:00

Closed: Wednesday

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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