When I want to be at a coffee shop for a while there is a two step flow chart I follow. Step one “Do they have good coffee?” If yes continue, if no go elsewhere. Step two “How is the place?” This is where things get a little more finicky, because if you want to be in a coffee shop for a while you’ll have a reason for doing so. Luckily at Tiger Ted Cafe, right next to Maya Mall, there is a little something for every occasion.

They are open early for a good Chiang Mai coffee shop, machine on at 7:30. So if you just want to escape the morning rain on the way to work you can brood in the snug main room and forego the downpour.

There is ample seating outside on both the bottom and top floor. While it may be a little cozy there should be enough room for groups to meet here and discuss things. They also have an ample amount of electrical outlets.

The upstairs room is quiet and comfortable. It would be a good spot to read a book or just scroll aimlessly on your phone. There is a closed off balcony with two nice armchairs. Great if you want some one on one time or just enjoy watching people sit stuck in traffic at the Maya light.

Like I said, a bit of everything. This includes good coffee and free WiFi. The fruit shakes are pretty solid too.

A hot latte will set you back 55 baht.

Tiger Ted Cafe

The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

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