Wings should only ever be served in the quantities “Heap-a Wings” and “Mess-a Wings”. An amount so large that they actually become the platform for themselves. One which the structural integrity compromises if the wrong wing is plucked; an edible Jenga if you will. At Sekai No Yamachan they understand this concept.

Wings are an inherently gluttonous food, and here they take it another step and do away with the drumette entirety. The two best parts of the chicken are the wing flat and the oyster (a small perfectly fatty and moist knuckle of meat on the back side of the thigh). And as I haven’t seen a Heap-a chicken oysters anywhere, I’ll stick with the Mess-a Wings. They even present you with a separate silver pot to discard the dozens of gnawed bones.

When ordering at Sekai No Yamachan, you are presented with a menu who’s cover page is just different quantities of these wings. They range from 5-50 and get progressively cheaper by amount. I’m sure they do a lot of great food here, but in my opinion there’s no reason getting anything other than the wings. I know a wing spot when I see one, and this one is good.

At Sekai No Yamachan the style of wing they serve is Taiwanese. Non-battered and only a few drops of an imported soy sauce, this is a dry style wing. It however is just as flavorful as any sauced wing I’ve had. Even with the lack of batter, the wings are nicely crispy and have a great meat to skin ration.

While the wing is Taiwanese, the level of service and people who own the place are Japanese. We sat outside to eat and were attentively served all night, didn’t have to pour my own beer once.

The wings range from 130 baht for 5 to 930 baht for 50. I suggest getting a few friends together and grabbing the 50.

Sekai No Yamachan

Open: 11:00-13:00, 17:00-24:00 Everyday

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