There are many “best parts” of the pig. One cannot definitively say shoulder is better than belly. However, after a proper pulled pork sandwich or a thick cut rasher; I’ll be entirely convinced one way or the other. The ribs are a member of the “best parts” club, and at Rose’s Roadhouse & New York Style Pizza they are done exceedingly well.

“Rose’s Roadhouse & New York Style Pizza, where our ribs are as big of a mouthful as our name.” Not their official slogan, but it should be, as it’s quite true. The half rack of ribs here, with sides, is easily enough for two hungry people. They have a very developed smoke ring and come saucy to the point of being presented with paper towels.

The sides and experience are what you want with this type of meal. Coleslaw that has a refreshing crunch to help cut through the richness of the meat. A cold can of coke to make you feel like you’re American, even if you’re not. And some potato salad with a little more mustard than you think is necessary. All given to you by the person that cooked it, eaten at a wooden table with a white and red checkered cloth.

Rose’s has a laid back feel to it and the owner seemed like a genuine person. Someone who makes something they’re proud of and wants to share it. There wasn’t the slightest notion of pretense in the air, it’s a come as you are kind of place.

As the second half of their name suggests they also do great pizza here. And just like their name and ribs the pizza is a mouthful; the biggest size being over two feet in diameter.

You can expect to spend around 250-300 baht here per person for a really good meal of BBQ or pizza. It’s well worth the drive.

Rose’s Roadhouse & New York Style Pizza

Open: 11:00-21:00

Closed: Tuesday

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