When I want some really good vegetarian or vegan food, Hummus Chiang Mai is where I go. Vegetarian and vegan food can get a bad wrap for not being delicious. In my experience this is only true when the people who cooked it didn’t know what they were doing. This is 100% not the case here.

The HummusShuka (hummus topped with shakshuka and perfectly poached eggs) was full flavored and had a very nice goopy texture. The pita bread was light yet durable enough to really get in there for a nice scoop. The crunch of the pickled vegetables was a good textural contrast and added a welcome acidic bite. Each hummus dish also comes with tomato salsa, ahug and daga sauce.

They do some very interesting drinks here too. There was a complementary glass of cinnamon infused tea as well as a house made pomegranate molasses, lime, and mint concoction. Both were quite nice and tasted the way good perfume smells. This isn’t a smear on their quality, by the way. Rather an indication that they were made correctly. The part of the world this cuisine comes from puts rose water on a very high culinary shelf, Hummus Chiang Mai does as well.

This is a great spot to sit and eat with a group of friends as the food here is meant to be shared. The portions are also quite large and fairly priced.

The hummus shakshuka combination was 200 baht. Each pita bread (first one free) will run you a very reasonable 15 baht, and you should expect to want 1-2 per person. One very large bottle of the Pomegranate house drink is a great deal at 60 baht, and will serve the whole table.

Hummus Chiang Mai

Open: 12:00-23:00 Everyday

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