While I do appreciate a roti rolled in a square of greasy white paper, sold on the street, the roti at Guu Fusion Roti & Tea was on par with any I’ve had in Chiang Mai. It almost felt weird eating it with a fork and not having oily palms after that last bite.

As the name suggests they specialize in Roti here. And when I say they specialize in this, I mean they have thought of nearly every way to prepare this laminate thin square of deliciousness. It was honestly overwhelming how many sweet or savory combinations were at my finger tips when perusing through the menu.

I went with the caramel topped egg and banana roti then added extra sweetened condensed milk table side out of the complimentary squeeze bottle. While I really enjoyed my roti, the thing that caught my eye the most was the Thai style omelette (that’s to say it’s been incinerated in an oily wok) with holy basil.

I have eaten my fair share of pat gra prow (stir fried basil and pork), but I had never even thought of adding it’s most important ingredient, the gra prow (holy basil), to one of my other favorite Thai dishes, kai jiaw (thai style omelette). It was really something special and I’ll be bugging the next stir fry lady I visit to add it in my next incinerated kai jiaw. She’ll might give me a daft look, but once she tries it herself she’ll understand.

The fresh squeezed juice and tea were also quite nice and were very needed to combat all the savory goodness of the roti and omelette.

Roti’s are in the 30-90 baht range depending on the toppings and fillings, the omelette with minced chicken and holy basil was 59 baht, and juices are in the 45 baht range.

Guu Fusion Roti & Tea

Open: 09:30-01:30 Everyday.

You read that right they are open till 1:30 AM, EVERYDAY.

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