In Chiang Mai there is no shortage of either cheap delicious food or chic places to eat. However, these two rarely overlap. I mean, it takes a lot of money to have fresh rotating flowers in the basket of that fixed gear bicycle you hung up on the wall. Anchan Noodle, on the outskirts of Nimman, seems to play this decorative stringless guitar tune quite well.

They serve butterflypea dyed noodles, and their blue tinge is what originally enticed me to patronize this restaurant. However, after eating there I’ll be back for the good food, excellent service, and fair price; not to mention the ambiance of soft jazz.

They advertise a dry noodle and sliced pork dish that wasn’t the best looking thing on the menu, but as an American I’ve come to fall prey to blatant advertising. Also if they went to the effort of visiting a print shop, the thing being printed is probably worth a try.

At first it wasn’t all that great. Slightly bland, fairly dry, and having a flavor so subtle I could never see a Thai person ordering them more than once. But after splashing on my side pork broth, a few scoops of their sour mashed peppers, and a heavy spoon of dried chilies, I could see why this was the first thing on the menu. The best part was probably the chili tamarind dipping sauce. It was just the right amount of everything that the sliced pork needed when eaten along side the Play-Dough like noodles; Play-Dough in appearance not flavor.

While there was a hand drawn chalkboard wall, minion napkin dispensers, mason jars for cups, and a giant window to see your coffee being made by a man in a tight black t-shirt, the price did not reflect this. Each meal runs between 40 and 70 baht, and my waaaaaaay too sweet strawberry soda was only 30.

After eating you can buy an assortment of knickknacks that have nothing to do with the food served here. And if you want to forgo the busy inside, you can enjoy your meal on an uncomfortable stone block in the outdoor green space. It’s just on the other side of a rustic brick wall that was probably not there 10 years ago. Like I said, chic.

Anchan Noodle

Open: 08:00-16:00 Everyday

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