Not all burgers are eaten for all occasions. There’s the late night “lower your standards” Big Mac, the Dad burger with barley melted cheddar and hints of lighter fluid, and the date burger typically served at some uncomfortable Minimalistic wooden booth. The burger at The Wild Hog Saloon, does not fall into any of these categories. I would call it more of a special occasion burger, as if you ate this every time you wanted a burger you might soon turn into a burger. That is to say, having squishy buns, a higher than an 80/20 fat ratio, and be nicknamed “Juicy Lucy”.

While I came here for the burger, my favorite part of the meal were the fries, although due to their massive size they were bordering on wedge territory. The owner Gaz spent 6 full months developing them, and their flavor and texture have the audacity to warrant that amount of R&D. As stated before these things are huge, four fries being the entirety of a large potato. They also have a lovely fried tempura layer on the skin side that adds a lovely textural contrast to the often “wet” potatoes grown in Thailand. Just ask Gaz, he’ll happily give you his well practiced spiel about it.

The fries are a good indicator of the time and effort put into a meal here. I mean the caramelized onions take a full 14 hours to get right. How he cooks them for that long while still keeping a nice crunch baffles me. The buns are specially made for this burger, and hold up to till the last bite (even if you spend 10 agonizing minutes trying to get a good photo of all the components in this meal).

I’d tell you how good this burger is, but we all know that everyone else’s opinion about burgers and pizza is wrong and if they don’t have the same thoughts as me they are an idiot. So I’ll just say I completely understand why It is the defending champion of the best burger in Chiang Mai, as voted by Chiang Mai Eats.

A burger and fries with a coke will run you around 300 baht, depending on the burger.

Wild Hog Saloon Pub and Burger Restaurant

Open: 12:01-24:00 Monday-Saturday

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