Chiang Mai isn’t known for its pizza, this is a good thing, as if you visit here you shouldn’t just be eating pizza. No matter where you came from there is most certainly pizza available there. Now, Chiang Mai is known for its digital nomads, retirees, and people that generally see it as a better alternative to wherever they came from. These people don’t derive the same nostalgic comfort from a bowl of kanom jeen or an incinerated kai jiaw as say a graduate from Wat Jedyod School might. They often want a taste of where they came from, a sensation of familiarity in an often unfamiliar place.

The pizza at Pickles Restaurant does just that for me. It reminds me of the midnight 3$ slices I would stumble towards, one block away from my old college studio apartment. Yes, I know that I have to drive by a hundred or so cheap and authentic Thai food street stalls to just get here. I don’t care. I eat this pizza for the same reason that I binged The first season of Naruto on Netflix last night, the same reason as why I FaceTime my mom to see my dog’s face (and tell her that’s she a pretty girl and I’ll see her soon), the same reason why Thai people eat khao soi outside of Chiang Mai. Just like all travelers I can yearn for home, and this pizza helps ease that yearning.

A pizza here will run in the 200-250 baht range depending on the toppings.

Pickles Restaurant

Open: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-22:30 Monday-Friday

Closed for lunch on Saturday

Closed all of Sunday

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