It’s 9:30 am Sunday morning. You wake up to the unwanted glare of the sun beaming through your bedroom window. Normally this is a warm and welcome natural alarm clock, but due to the decision of having that final, or three final, Sangsom and soda you curse the man who invented windows, or the sun for that matter. You need medicine. Aspirin and a tall glass of water are the usual go-tos, but they seem only a small battalion in the war against this hangover. You need reinforcements; the heavy artillery. ข้าวซอยแห้ง (Khao Soi Haeng) is that artillery.

If you’ve ever been to Chiang Mai there’s a nearly 100% chance that you’ve had khao soi before. But even after a year and some change here, along with countless bowls consumed of that famous Northern curried noodle soup, it wasn’t until recently did I discover this sister dish to that one; think Ashley to Jessica Simpson. And just like Ashley, Khao Soi haeng will help with the pieces of me after a night spent scattering them amongst a table littered with kaffir limed peanuts and red soda water caps.

As the name suggests, khao soi haeng is essentially the dry version of khao soi. Also as the name suggests khao soi haeng is great for dealing with a hang. While there is little water to speak of, this dish is coated in a film of red stained oily goodness. It sticks to every part of your mouth to the point you’ll be tasting it well past the end of the inciting hangover. It reminds me of a package of uncooked Mama’s eaten out of hand, but if you decided to add the oil packet as well as the seasoning packet. กินข้าวกับปู, on the second floor of Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall, does a nice version of this, and it’s where I go when I’m in need of some mid morning relief. However, I go here because it’s the closest khao soi haeng to my bed, and I suggest you seek out the closest to yours.

79 baht as part of the combo with a soda.


Open: 11:00-22:00 Everyday

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