The beef in Thailand might be the worst aspect of its food; often tough, stringy, and nearly devoid of renderable fat. It comes from animals that either worked hard before meating (pun intended) the butcher or who’s ancestors did. Often they are nothing like the plump lazy grazers from my home country. As such, when eating here I tend to stick to the other king proteins: pork, chicken, and fish/seafood. However, when I do eat beef I do so when it has been cooked low and slow until fall apart tender (well, as tender as Thai beef can get). More often than not slow braised beef is an accompaniment to a hardy bowl of noodle soup.

At Blue Noodle, on Ratchapakhinai Road in the old town, they do beef right. When eating here with my German mate he gave it the highest praise a German man could with the phrase “It reminds me of my mother’s Sunday roast and it’s just two bucks”. (Bringing up the value and doing so with slang for a currency that is not from his country or the one he is in was the schlagsahne on top of that strudel). When I’m craving a beefy bowl of rice noodles that will only be moderately wedged between my teeth this is where I go.

As sagte before a small bowl will run you two bucks (60 baht).

Blue Noodle

Open: 11:00-21:00 Everyday

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