Noodles are so delicious that they are often integrated into an already existing dish, creating something “new” altogether. A great example of this is Tom Yum noodles. Originally a soup of mushrooms and inedible aromatics, the addition of noodles was only possible through the vacation of the less chewable flavorings. While there are no lime leaves or fibrous rings of lemon grass in the bowl you eat, you will find their flavor in every sip of the broth. Luckily crispy fried wontons wrappers, slices of pork, and crunchy peanuts have so graciously taken their place. At Ancient Thom Yam Noodles, they serve large portions for a small price. The owners are also kind and quick with a smile. This is where I go when I’m not in Bangkok, but need a fix.

This bowl containing the aforementioned tom yum broth, rice noodles, pork slices, minced pork, and pork balls cost 45 baht.

Ancient Thom Yam Noodles

086 618 7779

Open: 10:00-16:00 Everyday

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