America has a way of taking other culture’s foods and ruining them in the best possible way. Burritos and chicken parmigiana are prime examples, but there is a nostalgic place in my heart for sauce covered corn starch fried chicken bites (aka sweet and sour chicken). While the version they do at ร้านอาหารช.สเต็ก, inside of Kad Suan Kaew, isn’t quite the same flavor as the neon orange stuff I get back in the states, it makes up for it in other ways. Namely by staying crunchy despite being drenched in sauce and it being ready suspiciously quick, not to mention the nap I want to take immediately after consumption. It really hit all the boxes I wanted checked off for an American-Chinese meal.

A takeaway portion of chicken and rice will run you around 60 baht (I forgot to write it down).


Open: 11:00-19:00 Everyday

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