For those of you who enjoy a bowl of ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเป็ด (duck noodles) but don’t like this growing trend of overly sweet broth, this side of the road joint will appease your needs.

Situated between the north gate and super highway (west side of the road) is 111 บะหมี่-เกี๊ยว (loosely translated to 111 Dumpling). This place has large portions, solid roast duck, and very nicely textured noodles and wontons.

While the aforementioned broth is nicely seasoned, the wontons were the best part of the dish and a must get. The duck was no slouch either.

111 บะหมี่-เกี๊ยว (111 Dumpling)

Open: everyday 9:00-20:00


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